Beth Protea has extended its warm and loving care as well as its services to the community at large.

The goal is to provide security and peace of mind to senior citizens (and their families) who prefer to remain in their own homes. This exciting new project is called Protea Home Care

How does it work!
This is a modular program where each client chooses which services best suit their particular requirements. There is a long list of services available which include:

  • Personal “Case Manager” who visits each client on a regular basis and is available 24/7.
  • Appointed Social Worker for support coordinating community services
  • Minor Home Repairs
  • Homemade Food Delivery
  • Shopping
  • Laundry
  • Nurses & Caregivers
  • Physiotherapy, Dietician, Optometrist

For further information, please contact Gadi  on: 054 632 3603
Tel : +972-9-9595223
or +972-9-9595222
E-mail : bprotea@netvision.net.il

“I refer to your letter dated January 2014 in which you introduce the Beth Protea Home-Care Services.
I wish to warmly applaud this ground-breaking initiative and express my unreserved support with an enthusiastic “hats off”. As someone who has been involved with Beth Protea from its inception, long before it became a reality, and have since followed its growth and development with keen interest, I can emphatically state it does the community of South African Israelis extremely proud.”

Protea Home Care

Dear all,

This is a short note just to let you know that this service of the well-known retirement home in Herzlia, has proved an invaluable help to both my husband and myself in recent months.

In our need now to move our residence back to South Africa in order to be closer to our family there, we have benefited so much just knowing that food (which was excellent) will be delivered whenever we want it, that house managers, Gadi, Amichay, with social worker Hadassah would be with us whenever needed at any time – and that all this loving and dedicated care came from a source with which we are so familiar – English spoken and everyone of them like mischpocha shelanu.

It was truly wonderful to have experienced this caring from such capable and willing young people – all I may add, guided from the top by Lynn Lochoff, whom many of us know well.

I cannot express enough our appreciation for all they have done to help a rather traumatic move become easier and less stressful. Amichay even marched into Celcom with me and sorted stuff out there man to man in Hebrew, and got onto our bank account to find out the whats and whens – and Hadassah came over a number of times to get help me sort out household goods – an onerous task.

And it was all done with smiles and perfect equanimity. Just what I needed!!

So I thank you again, you all – and I have taken the liberty of passing this along to the few who may like to mention this service to others. It was special.

Best regards and lechaim!

June and Bernie Levy

Dear Gadi, Amichai, and Hadasah,

We would like to convey our sincere gratitude to you all, for your care and services that came with having such an amazing service as Beth Protea Home Care.

Not living close to our parents was a total distress for us. They refused to live elsewhere besides their apartment.  We were unable to frequently visit them or take care of their immediate needs. Besides being old and incapable of dealing with day today issues like changing a light bulb, knowing why the television isn’t working or if in need of immediate medical attention, they were also very lonely.

Your services gave answers to all our worries and to all their needs.

Hadasah, thank you, Mom and Dad so much enjoyed your coffee visits and conversation. We were thrilled that they had company and we were grateful to receive feedback from you about their situation and their on going needs.

Amichai and Gadi, thank you, for all those times that you were always available to see too our parents and that you could both be reached by phone without any hassle 24/7, and for keeping us informed of all going on and escorting them to the doctor or hospital in an emergency. Dad eventually got used to the idea of knowing to call you and ask for your help and was happy with your services and friendship.

Many a times these past few weeks your services were beyond the regular visits and issues as our parents situation declined. You helped with the ordering and bringing of food and your presence was needed more and more when the situation at home declined. Thank you for the support you gave us, It is exactly what we needed and you were there for us at all times. Sincerely with gratitude!


On behalf of Yaakov and myself, I would like to express our deepest appreciation for all aspects of the magnificent gesture and kindness shown to us. It is easy to give, but so difficult to receive, and our only hope is that we can reciprocate by doing the best we can for others less fortunate than ourselves.

The words “Join the Beth Protea family and feel peace of mind, security and independence” printed on the cover of the Protea Home Care brochure are so heartwarming, and cannot better describe the emotions induced.

Furthermore, I feel compelled to mention that, for those of you who still understand Yiddish, our “Amichay” is in fact “A Mechiya”, with his empathy, and all the other attributes seen also in the team of Gadi, Ora, Bernard, etc. and no doubt possessed by all of you.
Our very best wishes to you all