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Israel’s award winning retirement facility
where residents enjoy a unique ambiance of dignity,
goodwill, love and care.

Beth Protea is an exemplary senior citizen facility
founded by the Southern African community
in Israel and worldwide.

A Night To Remember!!! What A Treat…What A Night…

July 9, 2012 – Beth Protea’s Patio was transformed into an intimate nightclub as the magical voice of Maya Isacowitz filled the warm summer evening. Maya, accompanied by Shai on guitar and Gal on violin, donated their time to perform at Beth Protea as the commencement of 20th Birthday celebrations. This wonderful concert was directed at younger members of the community and it was heartwarming to see close to 300 people gathered together. Abundant trays of delicious pizza accompanied by beer and soft drinks ensured that the audience was kept happy. Watch this space for details of the next birthday event scheduled for September 2012...

Celebrating 90th+ Birthdays at Beth Protea
a HUGE Mazal Tov to all ...

Feb 2012 Tu Bshvat

Tu Bshvat at Beth Protea
Every holiday is worthy of celebration and this year Tu Bshvat was brought to life by one of our talented residents – Gina Eting.

Signs went up, ideas were exchanged, plans were made and on February 6, 2012, residents and staff participated in a competition called : TABLE FOR TWO... Each participant had to prepare their table with crockery, cutlery, accessories and flowers representing a specific theme – romantic, tea, festive etc. Our dining-room looked magnificent and each and every table was beautifully presented. Unfortunately, there could only be 4 winners, but loads of fun was had by all. After the judging and prize-giving took place, in celebration of this wonderful chag, our residents were treated to spectacular demonstration of flower arranging by Gina herself - who is a wellknown florist and author or the first professional book on floristry in Hebrew.

Beth Protea Cares for the “Care Giver”

Life partners notice a decline or change
in their partner’s behavior

Children are faced with the fact
that their parents are aging
and roles are reversing

An aging person undergoes uncontrollable changes
– how to cope and adjust accordingly

Do you feel like one of these subjects is addressing you personally and you have no-one to turn to who understands what you are going through?

Stop for a moment – read the following information. Be comforted by the knowledge that there is a helping hand and a listening ear to assist you cope and understand what has turned your once peaceful life upside down.

Be it male or female, any new decline or disability creates stress. So often, this affects not only the person diagnosed with the problem, but also the spouse or partner who shares their daily life.

The aging process is often accompanied by loss. Whether it is one or more of our senses – eyesight, hearing, taste, smell or mobility, co-ordination, reflex responses, incontinence, sexual drive, mood changes, memory loss... they are all life changing factors that are difficult to cope with and accept.

While the person experiencing the loss is trying to come to terms with the changes, the difficulty they are going through is often ignored or badly handled by those closest to them, simply because they themselves feel frustrated and angry and have no idea of how to help or cope.

It is not only the person undergoing these changes that needs assistance, but the family and/or care givers who also have to adjust to the outcome of such changes. They need tools and strategies to help them find fulfillment and satisfaction again with their relationships on different levels.

The new limitations placed on relationships can often endanger the wellbeing of both partners. When not addressed, the resulting stress can be destructive to each partner as well as to the broader family circle.

Often the care givers are unable to deal with the new demands placed upon them as a result of their partner’s inability to continue handling certain affairs. This results in added stress for both sides: guilt, resentment and sadness are all elements resulting from such situations.

Learning to deal with new limitations, adopting new attitudes or different behavior patterns will bring the balance back to all your lives.

Beth Protea offers an outreach program called “Protea Plus”.
This wonderful service is offered to the community at large and all these issues and many more are handled and addressed by an experienced social worker. Protea Plus’s extensive knowledge in this area offers assistance and support in finding that personal road to follow. Total confidentiality and discretion is always assured.

For further information, contact Ziona Kemelman at 09-9595228
or by e-mail :ziona@bethprotea.com



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